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Andy's Got Your Back on scammers lifting more than your card statements

(WMC TV) - Your credit card statement:  check.

Your debit card statement:  check.

Have you checked your home equity line of credit statement?

Paul Agne didn't.

"They got $10,000 out on time, $12,000 the other time," Agne said.

A crook working inside Agne's bank teamed up with someone on the outside to steal thousands of dollars and personal information from Agne's home equity line of credit.

"They were taking the money out and opening a joint account in my name and the other person's name," he said.

Agne wasn't the only victim, according to U.S. postal inspectors.

"This case was approximately 35 victims with a dollar loss of $1.4 million," said Postal Inspector Rodney Bohanon.

There wasn't much Agne could do to protect his account since this case was an inside job.

But inspectors asked us to remind everyone to monitor all of your account statements regularly. Shred your receipts and old bank statements once they've been reconciled to your accounts.  

Inspectors caught the suspects who pulled this scam, both inside and outside of Agne's bank. They each face a million dollar fine and 30 years in prison.

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