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Experts share Powerball secrets

(WMC-TV) - Millions of people play the Powerball and while your chance of actually winning the jackpot is more than one in $175 million, there is always somebody who thinks they can beat the system!

A couple of self-professed math geeks came up with what they say are the "most winning numbers" in the Powerball.

Most people who play the lottery typically pick random numbers because any state lottery official will tell you that each number is drawn completely at random.

And while that may be true, statistical sciences professor D'arcy Mays believes that with a database of enough winning numbers, there is at least the possibility of seeing a pattern develop.

That, by no means, will guarantee a win but it might up the odds a little, especially in smaller games like Cash 3 or Cash 4.

"If you were dedicated, and there really was some pattern that you were finding, you could not get rich but you could probably do a good supplemental earning," said D'Arcy Mays.

But Statistician Dr. Min Su Kim does not mess with the small games.

"I just combine all these frequency and I just make a list from the most frequent numbers to the least frequent numbers," said Statistician Dr. Min Su Kim.

Dr. Min Su Kim compiled a computer data base of 10 years of winning Powerball ball numbers and the frequency at which they appear.

If the game is completely random, he argues all numbers should be drawn at approximately the same rate.  But they are not.

The Powerball consists of five white balls and one red powerball.

Dr. Kim says the most frequently drawn powerball for the past 10 years is 20, followed by 37, two, 31, and 35.

As for the white balls, the most frequently appearing number is 42, closely followed by 16, 35, 26, and 19.

Dr. Kim says he is a true believer in statistical probability.

"If you pick these numbers, there is more probability to win the grand prize," he said.

But lottery officials say, 'Not so fast'.  They stress that every number drawn is completely random and the odds of winning are posted on their website.

You can visit the Tennessee Lottery website here:

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