School break-ins

A Target 5 Investigation into school break-ins. Target 5 found that dozens of schools in the city reported break-ins, some more than once. They happened all over town. Investigators say preventing them won't be easy or cheap.

Many Memphis City Schools may be easy targets for burglars. Our Target 5 investigation dug through police records and found nearly a hundred school burglaries within the last year, close to a dozen this month alone. Parent Mary Herod said, "It happens a lot in the community in our homes, so naturally it's going to spill over to our schools." Both Hamilton High School and Frayser Elementary got hit four times over the last year. Down the street at Frayser High School, just last week, vandals broke windows to get inside and damage $700 worth of computer equipment. Two days later someone broke in again. Here's a breakdown of the break-ins. We found 33 schools were hit once this year, 16 hit twice, five schools three times, and two schools four times. Damage from the burglaries ranged from just a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. MPD's burglary division says solutions range from new windows, to new security systems, to new schools that have both. But all of it takes money. It's a decision that's ultimately up to School District and the School Board.

We wanted to know what these break-ins cost the district. The few board members we were able to contact Friday said they didn't know much or anything about the break-ins. A district spokesperson referred me to the security chief. He never returned our calls.