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MCS custodians fear losing their jobs

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis City Schools' custodial staff is taking action now that they worry the school mergers could mean an end to their jobs.

The union that represents them put together a video of some of the district's workers telling their stories. This comes as the new Unified School Board begins discussions about the budget.

A three and a half minute video was put together by AFSCME Local 1733, which represents the custodial staff at Memphis City Schools.

Union leaders sent out the video with the hope that Shelby County Unified School Board members would see it and keep in mind what AFSCME calls the "vital role" these "parents and committed workers" play in "children's educational experience".

The MCS custodial staff worries about keeping their jobs, especially with the possibility of a $150 million budget shortfall and talk of outsourcing.

Union workers see the video as a way to personalize the jobs with faces and words so they can "move forward together in the new unified system".

"It's a family. We believe in working together. We love each other, we help each other, support each other. We inspire each other," said one custodian in the video. "We want our job. And, we're working hard to keep this school safe and clean for every student in here, not just our school, all the schools."

Unified School Board members say it is too early to comment on the future of the custodial workers.

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