School transfers' new website problematic for parents

School transfers' new website problematic for parents

(WMC-TV) - The new online application process for General Choice Transfers kicks off Friday. But parents are experiencing problems with the system, making it hard for them to be prepared to use the online system.

Right now, parents have no access to school boundaries and they cannot test their login to the program. They also have no idea how many slots are open for transfers.

To curb long school transfer lines, Memphis and Shelby County Schools went high-tech. But the online program is experiencing some hiccups.

Suzanne Johnston of has thousands of social media followers who have no access to school boundary maps.

"Parents don't know which school they're zoned for," said Johnston.

She says the information is critical for parents, like herself, who deliberately chose public over private school.

"That's how to get into a school that you're not zoned for that are not optional schools," explained Johnston.

Parents have no way to do their homework before the site goes live.

The current Shelby County Schools website still shows last years school zone map.

"They want to know how many spots are available. Typically, there's a spread sheet produced that tells you for every school, for every grade how many spots there are," Johnston pointed out.

The East Memphis mother took to Twitter to get answers from the school system.

She was told to apply just in case because the maps are not done.

"It's making it more challenging for people and it's potentially going to drive more families out of the pubic school system, which would be a shame because there are very good public schools in Memphis," she said.

Within the hour, Memphis City Schools responded for both school systems.

They said the websites will be completed Tuesday with answers to all of the questions, including a list of schools in Memphis and Shelby County with available space.

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