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Guns in trunks bill heads to House

(WMC-TV) -  You could be one step closer to being able to take your gun with you everywhere you drive. Tennessee's Guns in Trunks bill goes to a House committee Wednesday.

The measure passed through the state senate with flying colors and the House vote is expected to be no different.

The bill would allow nearly 372,000 licensed Tennessee gun owners to take their weapons to work if they're locked in trunks, glove compartments or other containers. It also applies to parking lots on school and college campuses.

As the national conversation on gun control heats up, many here in the Mid-South are straddling the fence on if this bill could curb violence or encourage it.

"Anybody can break in your car and get that gun so by you having it in your car and somebody finding out about it, anything can happen," said Memphis resident, Tanigiana Code.

Memphis based shipping giant FedEx is also voicing their concern this morning saying, "FedEx opposes this legislation. We believe that a property owner's right to provide a safe work environment trumps an individual's right to possess a firearm on the owner's property."

The proposal also includes language that protects employers from lawsuits in the event of a workplace shooting or theft. If the bill passes the House, it goes into effect July 1.

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