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College of art's campaign garners negative feedback

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(WMC-TV) - An ad campaign at the Memphis College of Art is drawing some negative attention.

School officials the ad campaign, which features school alumni, has been in place since last fall and is just now getting some unwanted reviews.

"It's unfortunate but that wasn't the intent of the ads. I think the ads cause people to think a little bit," said MCA President Dr. Ron Jones.

One ad features 1984 MCA graduate Camilla Huey. Huey is now a couturier at House of Execution.

The ad reads, "Went to art school, designs for the red carpet, never folded clothes at the mall."

Another ad featuring 1986 MCA alumnus Gary Backaus reads, "Went to art school, owns an ad agency, never waited tables."

"No one here has aspirations of going to school here, paying tuition for four years and then waiting tables," Dr. Jones continued.

Some comments on the school's Facebook page suggest these ads are "snobby and classist and demean the working middle class".

"If you quickly look at it, you must draw the wrong conclusion about what it's about," said Dr. Jones.

MCA senior Lexie Shaunak says the ads are not meant to be insulting.

She is encouraged by them because she sees how successful the school's graduates have become.

"Waiting tables, folding clothes, a lot of us do that while we're in school and a lot of us work in school. And so when we get out of school, we want to pursue what we came to study," she said.

Memphis College of Art officials say the ad campaign will stay in place through the end of the semester.

To see more of the ads used in the controversial campaign, click here:

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