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Unanswered questions remain 22 months after Holly Bobo's disappearance

(WMC-TV) - It has been nearly two years since a young West Tennessee nursing student disappeared.

Clint Bobo was the last person to see his sister, Holly, before she vanished.

It was a Wednesday morning 22 months ago when Holly open the door at her Darden, Tennessee home to leave for school.

The 20-year-old walked 10 to 12 feet to her car which had been washed just four days earlier.

The Bobo family said they now believe her kidnapper was waiting and watching her in the car's reflection.

And when Holly rounded the corner that's when he struck.

"All the time it stays in my mind," said Clint.

He watched through the kitchen door as Holly's captor pulled her into the woods.

"The last I'd seen they were just to the left of those two trees over there," said Clint.

Then down a four wheeler path their dog, Champ, followed wagging his tail the whole way. It's a two minute walk to the main road.

The Bobo family believes the kidnapper had a car waiting on the other side. They do not know if he had help.

"So many questions unanswered," said Clint.

In the room she left behind nothing has changed. There's a teddy bear, makeup, pictures of friends and the boy she dreamed of marrying.

"We're a close family, we've always been a close family, it's just right now. One of us is missing," said mother Karen Bobo.

They said it's been a daily struggle, and constant effort keeping the word out there.

"There's just nothing normal about us anymore," said Karen.

Holly Bobo is still missing.

"We know that someone knows something," said Karen

Just a reminder Holly was wearing a pink T shirt and jeans the morning she disappeared. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said there is still a $250,000 reward in the case, but right now no new leads.

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