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Bills filed to lift municipal school districts ban

(WMC-TV) - Tennessee lawmakers have come up with a new set of bills aimed at creating municipal school system in the suburban Shelby County. 

Germantown and the six other suburbs are still watching closely, and are encouraged by the language in this new legislation.

There's still a "Vote yes for municipal schools" sign in Natalie Williams' front yard.

She was elected to sit on the Germantown city school board if it ever forms.

"Families here want the best education for their children," said Williams. 

She's encouraged by new bills filed Thursday in Nashville that could lift the 1998 ban on municipal school districts statewide.

"You know, I'm glad to see our elected leaders are paying attention and listening to their constituents," said Williams. 

Suburban Memphis lawmakers, including state representative Curry Todd, are once again behind the push.

Only this time the language may make their plan more palatable to a judge who struck down previous legislation because it applied only to Shelby County.

"I think it may be challenged in court, but I think it will stand up because it has statewide applications so no one can say it's just for Shelby County," said Todd. 

Shelby County Commissioner Sidney Chism, who voted to take the suburbs to court the first time,  believes another court fight would be fruitless if this new legislation passes and applies statewide.

Action News 5's Jason Miles will have the break down of these new bills tonight at 10 p.m.

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