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MY TURN: TN gun debate

(WMC-TV) - Lawmakers in Tennessee and Mississippi moved this week in the direction of making it legal to have more guns in more places. In Tennessee, the move is toward allowing employees to keep guns in their cars at their workplaces and in Mississippi, the legislature moved toward passing a law that would let teachers bring their guns into the classroom.

More guns in more places means more responsibility for parents and all of us who have children in our lives to be more cautious about their access to guns.

Four-year old Joshua Johnson of Memphis died this week when he got hold of a gun in his home, reportedly while his mother was asleep.

Parents need to be concerned not just about the guns in their own homes but also about guns that are in places where their children visit. It's easy to understand why some people want access to a gun for protection. What's not easy is for you to keep your kids protected if people around them are careless about firearms safety.

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