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Men sue for millions after alleged MPD attack

(WMC-TV) - Bold claims are coming from the attorney of two men who are now suing for millions of dollars - after they say seven Memphis police officers attacked them. And now, the DA's office is refusing to prosecute.

The Shelby County District Attorney's Office will not charge the officers with assault. And here's why.

In a statement sent to the Action News 5 Newsroom, the district attorney said there was insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges against the officers involved.

The seven officers were relieved of duty after allegedly beating up Quinton Lytle and Michael McDonald near a downtown Memphis hotel just hours after Officer Tim Warren was killed in 2011.

Lytle and McDonald took pictures of their faces after the incident. Showing the black eyes they claim the officers left them with.

Now they are suing in a federal lawsuit for $2.5 million each. Michael Williams, Memphis Police Association President, says they do not deserve a dime.

"We don't believe it was excessive force. We don't believe that these charges should've ever been filed against these officers. We felt that they were operating within the scope of their jobs. And the city should have stood behind them," said Michael Williams.

Robert Spence, Lytle and McDonald's attorney, disagrees. He says the officers' suspensions are not enough.

"I really want MPD officers to treat citizens of this city with respect." said Spence. "The badge doesn't give you license to brutalize citizens. It doesn't."

Although the seven officers won't face criminal charges, they were off the job Friday morning without pay for different time frames - ranging from four days to fifteen days.

Internal Affairs is looking into this investigation now. But we were told their file on the incident isn't ready yet for review.

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