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9 officers investigated for alleged 'vicious attack'

(WMC-TV) - Two more Memphis Police Officers are being investigated for an alleged violent attack. Seven officers are already suspended over the incident.

The officers will have administrative hearings in the next couple weeks.

The police director is upset with the whole group for what he describes as an isolated incident.

Hours after Officer Timothy Warren was killed in the line of duty in 2011, DuPree Lytle and Michael McDonald said they were viciously attacked and beaten while being arrested by seven officers outside the old EDU precinct.

"Apparently these officers chose to deal with that situation in a manner that we feel was inappropriate," said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.

A group of Memphis Police officers had a run in with two former Memphis Tigers football players, who both wound up with black eyes.

"That's not conduct we condone as an agency," said Armstrong.

Recently seven officers were suspended without pay between four and 15 days.

Armstrong said it took more than 18 months to release this information because MPD had to wait to find out if the officers were going to be charged with crimes.

"We've had the information for quite sometime, so this was not a quick decision that was made," said Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirch.

District Attorney general Amy Weirich declined to prosecute.

She said the investigation ultimately did not warrant a criminal case.

"We have to rely on the evidence. We have to rely on the facts, and that's all we can rely on... Our burden in criminal court is beyond a reasonable doubt. It's the highest burden in the law," said Weirch.

Weirich said the officers did not get special treatment.

Armstrong said their actions are not acceptable.

"I'm hoping more than anything the message is clear. This is not something that will be tolerated," said Armstrong.

A federal lawsuit claims an officer used racist language during the incident. Armstrong said the investigation confirmed it and that it's unacceptable.

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