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Behind the scenes of Rep. Cohen’s announcement from former aide

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Action News 5 is getting an inside look at what was going on behind the scenes leading up to Cohen's bombshell announcement.

A former aide to Congressman Steve Cohen knew three years ago about the Congressman's daughter. He says he found out about the same time Cohen did.

"Yeah, I knew about it," Randy Wade said.

Wade, a former aide to Congressman Steve Cohen, revealed he knew Cohen had a daughter. Wade says he found out when he learned three years ago he too had a daughter that he fathered a couple of decades ago before he went to war.

"After I revealed to Steve my situation first, alright, he came into my office and revealed to me I'm like what in the world is this," Wade said.

Wade said he recently met Cohen's 24-year-old daughter, Victoria Brink, here in Memphis.

"I'm just elated. I'm happy for him," he said.

Wade says if he was still working with Cohen, he would have been behind the Congressman's decision to reveal he has a daughter.

"If I'd been advising him after he talked with his daughter, let's rock and roll with it Steve, put it out there," Wade said.

Wade worked in Cohen's Shelby County office for six years as district director until a week ago when they parted ways. Wade retired over what he calls a difference of principles.

He said problems began last year with an endorsement in the Democratic Primary House District 93 race.

"I think that when I endorsed Representative G.A. Hardaway, I began to see the climate change. I don't think he liked that and it took off from that," Wade explained.

Cohen backed then-state representative Mike Kernell. Hardaway won.

Wade says despite all of that, he and Cohen have no hard feelings.

"There is no hostility," he said.

Randy Wade is venturing into familiar territory helping the public.  He and a team will operate the Memphis Community Outreach Agency to help people with all kinds of problems, just like he did when he was an aide to Congressman Steve Cohen.

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