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County Line Grocery shut down as public nuisance

(WMC-TV) - The County Line Grocery has been shut down after numerous public nuisance complaints.

Located on Tchulahoma in South Memphis and owned by Mutahar Sharhan, the store has generated complaints from citizens and businesses in the immediate area over the past year.

Amy Weirich, District Attorney, filed the public nuisance petition Friday.

The complaints described illegal drug use and sales, violence and various property crimes occurring at and near the store.

Signs posted on the doors outside the business show it is closed, and prohibits anyone from entering.

Police have answered 87 calls for service with five drug related arrests on the property since 2011.

They've responded to robbery, car theft, vandalism, assault, weapon violations and theft.

Report shows employees were not in compliance with local beer sale ordinances.

However, one neighbor said she has never had any issues with the business.

"The people treated me nice in the store. I 'ain't' never had no problems in there. A lot of times I was short on my money and they throw the change in for me," said patron Kahlilah Paige.

As a result of prior similar investigations by the Memphis Police Department, the District Attorney's Office has filed petitions declaring nuisance actions against the owners of more than two hundred 200 residential and business properties.

In some cases they are permanently closed, others have reopened.

Tennessee's nuisance law states that the District Attorney General has authority to bring a civil action against any business deemed a nuisance.

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