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Adorable piglet uses tiny wheelchair to walk

(WMC-TV) - A piglet named Chris P. Bacon was born without his hind legs, but thanks to his caring owners he can now walk with the help of a tiny wheelchair.

The wheelchair is made of K'Nex, a children's toy similar to Legos that dates back to the early 90s.

The piglet, which is barely larger than a human hand, appears comfortable and quite happy wheeling around inside the human home where he lives.

He uses his front legs to pull him forward and the wheels of the contraption help him carry his weight.

The wheelchair attaches to his body with a harness around his neck and his rear end. Where his back legs should be, two wheels are instead.

The wheels raise his rear end to the same height that his back legs would, enabling him to imitate standing.

Without the wheelchair, the resilient pig is able to hop around short distances, but the chair greatly increases its mobility.

Click here to see the video.

Courtesy: Emily McNight, ZQNews

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