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Mike Inabinet

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Mike Inabinet is from Aiken, South Carolina, where he joined the Marines at 17 years old in 1993. He spent the next eight years bouncing around the planet, creating peace through superior firepower.

In 1999, Mike left the Marines to work as an engineer, designing and installing factory automation, working both inside and outside the United States.

After 9/11, the war drums gradually got so loud that he couldn't ignore them any longer. Mike joined the Army to fly helicopters in 2006. He was able to qualify as an attack helicopter pilot, flying the AH-64D Apache.

Mike deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2009. When he got back a few months later, he deployed to Haiti during the earthquake relief efforts.

In Haiti, Mike was responsible for coordinating the helicopter medical evacuations between Haiti and the USS Comfort.

Mike retired from the Army in 2012 and moved to West Palm Beach to accomplish some educational goals.

He was hired by Action News 5 to fly Chopper 5 in July 2013.

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