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Andy's Got Your Back on a modeling agency check scam

(WMC TV) - Parents of teenage daughters, please monitor their e-mail accounts.

Someone's sending them a modeling offer that's really just another check scam.

"The modeling agency sent this young girl an e-mail stating that she could start modeling classes," said U.S. Postal Inspector Lori McCallister.

The so-called "modeling agency" mailed the teenager a $2,500 check to get started. All she had to do was transfer a little money back via Western Union for "royalties" and "taxes."

There's your scam.

"This was a counterfeit check," said McCallister, who said the girl would have lost legitimate money from her account and would have been responsible for passing a bad check. "Thankfully, the mother realized her daughter was being scammed."

Inspectors said the crooks behind this check scam are trolling modeling sites. They're prowling the comment threads for girls' e-mail addresses or web contacts.

Never open e-mails or their attachments from senders you don't know. Do not click on offers or links from modeling agencies or trade schools you don't recognize. They can steal your passwords or launch malware on your computer.

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