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Andy's Got Your Back with a former counterfeit check artist

(WMC TV) - Once hopelessly addicted to drugs, a woman we'll call 'Mary' supported her habit by making counterfeit checks and identification cards with people's stolen account information.

"(I got the account information) through stealing mail, through bank dumpsters, through garbage behind car loan places," she said. "Places like that who procure your information and then just throw it away."

At the height of her scam, she was pulling down about $2,500 a day.

Then postal inspectors caught both her and her husband with the counterfeits.

A judge sentenced 'Mary' to two years in jail.

She's served her time. Now she wants to make amends.

"If you're going to use a bank, make sure they shred your information," she said. "Any business that is going to take your personal information, ask them, 'How are you going to dispose my information?'"

Consumers should shred their documents at home, too. Use a cross-cutting shredder that minces the documents into quarter-inch confetti.  

Shred your credit and debit card receipts as soon as you reconcile them with your account statements.

Shred investment documents within three years of the investment's sale.

The IRS said consumers should now shred their tax documents three years after the date of the return, instead of seven years.

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