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Rain is gone for now but will be back, City Council tackling tax & education issues, school board name change, Elton John ticket giveaway

Good morning and welcome to a wet Tuesday morning. We still have some soggy streets across the Mid-South...take it easy out there. The good news is that the rain is gone for now. Ron Childers has details on the rest of the day and when we could see more rain this week..He has updates all morning long on WMC-TV5.

The Shelby County unified school board met last night to discuss a wide array of issues...but of all of pressing issues the board needs to tackle -- it seemed a board's name change took up more time than usual...we'll explain some of the details that came out of the meeting...

We're also looking ahead to the Memphis City Council meeting the multiple topics that could affect your money and education. We're talking about it throughout the morning on WMC-TV5.

Plus we'll show you how different the Mid-South Fairgrounds look these days and how it has become a real source of pride for Memphians, we're also giving you ways to cut college costs and reduce debt and an amazing story of a man who doesn't let a spinal cord injury stop him from painting..he uses his mouth to paints masterpieces.

We're giving away Elton John tickets this morning on Action News 5 at 6am.

Join Janeen, Lindsey, Ben, Amy, Ron, Kym and me! We have our coffee and ready to get you going on this Tuesday!

Andrew Douglas


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