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91-year-old woman, family flee burning home

(WMC-TV) - A 91-year-old woman, her son, and two grandsons are safe Tuesday morning after escaping their burning home around 2 a.m.

Flames could be seen shooting from inside the home, which is located on the 4000 block of Biscoe. All four people who were inside were able to get out safely.

When the fire started, Pauline Moore, 91, was sound asleep. That is when one of her grandsons heard a loud popping sound and realized the house was on fire. Moore says her grandson woke her up and helped her get out.

"I was asleep and my grandson come in there hollering, 'Come on the house is on fire,' and I said, 'Wait 'til I get my robe on,' he said, 'You ain't got time, come on!" But, I did," said Moore.

Her grandson, J.C. Rooker, described the scene.

"I kept tellin' her, I said, 'We got to go!' She kept saying, 'I got to put my shoes on!' I said, Naw, naw, naw...we got to go! So, me and Justin, my brother, we picked her up and toted her across the street."

Although, she credits him for waking her up, she says she is a firm believer in the Lord and gives Him credit for their escape.

Fire investigators believe the fire was electrical and started in the carport. There was not a working smoke detector in the home.

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