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Store clerks arrested for allegedly selling “Spice”

(WMC-TV) – A recently outlawed drug is back in North Mississippi and resulted in the arrest of four store clerks.

"Spice," or synthetic marijuana, is popular among teenagers but has been tougher to get since it was made illegal in 2010. Apparently a few stores in North Mississippi didn't get the message.

There is a lot for sale at Sonya's Beer and Tobacco in Holly Springs. But two clerks are now charged for selling synthetic drugs. It's one of two stores busted over the weekend.

"They were being sold to the public at approximately 30-35 dollars per pack," Holly Springs Police Chief William Hollowell said.

We've told you about the dangerous effects of synthetic marijuana, or "spice." It's been illegal in Mississippi since 2010 after lawmakers said it was increasingly popular and dangerous among teens.

"Seizures, psychotic episodes, and other dangerous side effects, even death," said 18-year-old resident Jamack Payne.

Payne says he knows people who use Spice. But he's not one of them.

"It already say on the pack that it ain't for human consumption, that spice man," Payne said. "It's bad. It puts holes in your brain."

Tareq Al-Halemi and Nagi Al-Meami from the 'Fly with the Eagle' store are charged with possession and sale of a controlled substance along with Hanmo Kang and Trina Wilson of Sanya's.

"They can still sell other items, but there is a possibility that they could lose their business license," Chief Hollowell said.

Police Chief William Hollowell says the bust was one of the first for the city and county's new metro narcotics unit and hopes sellers and users will get the message that spice isn't welcome in Holly Springs.

"We're concerned that a lot of teenagers are using these products without knowing the danger involved," said Chief Hollowell.

All of the suspects in this investigation have bonded out.

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