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Burglar robs home as family sleeps

(WMC-TV) - A burglar was caught on camera walking into a home and stealing from a family as they slept.

In the video, the burglar can be seen checking to make sure nobody is around before breaking into the home.

An alarm finally stopped him... it was the family pet.

"Dog that was in the residence started barking when he realized that it was not a family member," said Cpl. Brad Snyder, Paragould Police Department.

Video shows the burglar leaving the house fast after the dog sounded the alarm.

Despite the dark and grainy video, police are hoping someone can help recognize the crook.

"Typically with residential burglary, people are not at home, there's nobody at the residence so with this happening with somebody at home, it is somewhat concerning," said Cpl. Snyder.

The victim, who did not want to talk on camera, woke up as a result of the barking dog then heard the burglar running to get out of the house.

Corporal Snyder says this case is a good reminder about the need to secure your home.

He said, "Make sure your doors are locked. Make sure your windows are locked. Make sure your garage door is down and if anything seems out of the ordinary, report that."

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