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Stanback takes heat for driving city car to Nashville

(WMC-TV) - Millington's police chief is taking flack from at least one city alderman for a trip she took to Nashville. 

Police chief Rita Stanback was in Nashville Wednesday night for a chamber of commerce leadership class. But it's how she got there that's getting some negative attention.

Stanback, sworn in last June, was brought on to bring stability to the department.

Now, she's in hot water for driving her city car to Nashville for a Leadership Millington function.

Millington city manager Thomas Christie takes full responsibility for approving Stanback to take her city patrol car out of town.

"Honest mistake on my part," he said. 

Christie has only been on the job two months.

"Police chief approached me prior to the trip, asked me if she could take the city car, I agreed thinking it was a city sponsored event," said Christie. 

City policy clearly states use of a city vehicle is prohibited unless you're on city business.

Christie said he thought the Leadership Millington function was a city event.

"I plead ignorance on my part, not on her part. She did the right thing. She came to her boss and asked permission," said Christie.

Millington alderman Chris Ford said abuse of the city's vehicle policy has long been a problem.

According to Ford, that's the reason interim Mayor Linda Carter revised that policy during her term last year. 

"They were taking their family to school, picking up families on company time, taking kids around... It was rampant," said Ford.

Ford said this incident may be reason enough to revisit the policy again. 

Action News 5 tried to reach Chief Stanback to get her comment, but she never returned our phone calls. 

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