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Andy's Got Your Back on a re-shipping scam

(WMC TV) - Beware any online work-at-home opportunity that offers to pay you for re-shipping packages.

U.S. postal inspectors warned it's a trap to launder stolen merchandise or merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards.

Ella Butler took the bait.

"It was easy money:  $16 a package," Butler said of the unsolicited offer she received in her e-mail. "They needed someone to send packages. So I sent my information in."

That information included her driver's license. Now her own identity is at risk.

Her second mistake:  she signed a contract to re-ship those packages for her unknown "boss" via express mail.

As soon as she signed the contract, the packages started pouring into her home. Ski equipment, watches, even an electric guitar.

"I noticed that all of the packages I was sending went to Moscow," she said.

Postal inspectors said her "boss" -- a scam artist likely in a foreign country -- was laundering purchases made with a stolen credit card through Butler.

"Basically, it is a fraudulent credit card purchase that is shipped to an individual in the U.S. who is unwittingly participating in the scheme," said Postal Inspector Frank Schissler.

"You can fall for these scams because they are just too good to be true," said Butler.

Actually, that is the reason you shouldn't fall for these scams.

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