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MEM to join TSA pre-check program

(WMC-TV) - Most passengers agree that airport security is a hassle. You have to remove your shoes, belt, and other items.

But the TSA is launching a new program that allows certain pre-qualified passengers to avoid the long lines. It is loosening the security for certain passengers.

The program is called "TSA Pre-Check" and Memphis International Airport will soon join the roster of 35 other participating airports.

"What we're trying to do is move away from one size fits all security and that different passengers pose different levels of risk," said Jon Allen, TSA spokesperson.

Those who pre-qualify through individual airlines or U.S. Customs will experience a more efficient trip through airport security.

"And those passengers can keep their shoes on and their belt and don't have to remove their laptop from a carry on bag," explained Allen.

There could be fees to join "TSA Pre-Check" depending on how you enter the program, but passengers say they are willing to pay.

"Even if there is a small fee, I'd be interested," said Carol Dawson, who lives in Louisville, KY. "Because sometimes I run late and that would make sure I get through to my flight."

"I go through Atlanta a lot and it's bad so I think that would be great, especially for a frequent flyer," said Greg Kovacs, Jacksonville.

If you are interested in the "Pre-Check" program, officials say the best place to get information is from a participating airline.

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