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Large dangling tree limb causes concern

(WMC-TV) - A tree limb could be seen dangling over a road in southeast Memphis Thursday afternoon. Action News 5 viewers reported the tree limb, concerned that it could fall and injury someone in the street.

The tree limb has been reportedly dangling over Amboy Street for more than three months.

Neighbors claim they called the city, MLGW, and even police asking for it to be removed.

When that did not work, they turned to the Action News 5 investigators.

"It just slowly breaks but it hasn't fallen," explained Joan Jones, who has watched the limb with a close eye for three months. "I tell my kids, 'Don't ever park right there.'

She continued, "When I come out of the driveway, I'm scared to death that tree's gonna fall."

The tree is in her neighbors yard but when a piece falls in her yard, it is her responsibility to remove it.

"Limbs have fallen off there and they always fall on my side," said Jones.

Jones is not just concerned about her home, she is also worried about people driving through the neighborhood who could get hurt if the limb finally falls.

"And it will kill somebody, because that thing is heavy," she said.

So who is responsible for a limb hanging over the street?

Action News 5's Lauren Squires called the City of Memphis to find out. A few hours later, a city crew was en route to Amboy Street to take care of the tree limb.

"It didn't take them 30 minutes, there were three of four trucks," said a relieved Jones.

If you have a similar problem, you are asked to call 311 and report it to the city.

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