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Nursing student charged after brawl with pregnant woman

(WMC-TV) – Kendra Miller is charged with attacking a pregnant woman. The self-confessed attacker said she is in school to become a nurse. In an exclusive interview with Action News 5, she said she just "lost it" after she was provoked by the victim.

"Don't try to sit up and make it seem like I'm the bad person which you was the one who provoked it," said Kendra Miller.

Miller said she didn't know she had taken a spot that another woman named Amanda Arata was waiting for at the Sam's club gas pumps on Stage Road. She said she found out when a woman started beating on her window as she looked for her credit card.

"I looked up and I was like what you want," Miller said. "And she was like (expletive) you skipped me in line and so an so and so and so. And I was like well ma'am it's not that serious."

Miller said she opened her car door and Arata closed it on her leg. Then Arata allegedly pulled into the pump in front of her. After that the two women started arguing.

"I told her ma'am get away from me," Miller said.

Miller said Arata used racial slurs and said she would never amount to anything .

Miller admits that she flipped out.

"She invaded my own personal space," Miller added. "She had no business doing that."

Miller, who is 4 feet 6 said she did jump Arata whom she did not know was pregnant.

"I slammed her to the ground or whatever and I kind of came back to my senses," Miller said. "And another lady was standing over me. She pulled me off top of her."

Miller said the witness told her to calm down and to leave.

Police later came to Miller's home and arrested her and charged her with assault.

Police said Amanda Arata had a cut on her neck and bruising on her face. They also said surveillance video collaborates what witnesses told them, that Miller did attack Arata and that it does not appear to have been provoked

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