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State, county leaders to discuss vehicle inspection details

(WMC-TV) - A meeting will be held Monday morning between state and county leaders to debate details for the takeover of the vehicle inspections program.

Vehicle inspections have been required for decades in order to live and drive in Memphis. Now, that requirement may be expanded to all of Shelby County because the city dropped funding for the program in hopes that the county would pick it up.

"We just can't do that right now as you know the county has significant budget challenges ahead of us," said Shelby County public information officer Steve Shular.

Since Shelby County refused to pay for the program, the state of Tennessee is expected to run it and if they implement here what they have done in other counties across the state drivers should be prepared to wait in line.

"That's exactly what the state does. Everybody in that county has to have that vehicle inspected simply because the air emissions in that county have to meet certain regulations," said Shular.

Emissions testing for all Shelby County vehicle owners will cost $10.

County leaders want to meet all requirements and standards, while at the same time, providing them at the lowest cost possible to taxpayers.

The meeting between county and state leaders will take place at 10 a.m. Monday.

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