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Officer, dispatchers help deliver baby in car

(WMC-TV) Police officers are trained to be ready for anything, but their duties rarely include delivering a baby.

This week, Anthony Morris, Memphis Police Officer, got that call in an unlikely place with no time to spare.

"You know most people say the baby's coming you don't really think it is, but it came," he said.

Morris was on routine patrol Friday morning, but his shift was anything but routine.

"Had a young (woman) jump out the car, flag me down, and said her friend was in labor getting ready to have her baby," said Morris.

Instead of the emergency room where he was headed, the six-and-a-half pound bundle of joy arrived while his mom and a friend pulled over on American Way.

Morris got there just in time, because once the baby arrived he wasn't breathing. Morris credits Memphis dispatchers for the life saving steps that followed.

"(They) advised me, instructed me on what the proper procedures are on getting the baby back to breathing, and unraveling the umbilical cord from around the neck," said Morris.

Since the special delivery ,Morris has received accolades from a lot of people, a heartfelt thanks from the baby's family, but his most treasured compliment came from his own nine-year-old son.

"He came up to me and he just said, 'You're the best dad in the whole wide world, and the deep blue sea.' So, that was really, really rewarding to me," said Morris.

Even though Morris has children of his own, he said Friday's experience was not at all familiar.

"I've seen it on TV, but it was something totally different," he said.

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