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Federal budget cuts could affect children, schools, public health

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(WMC-TV) - President Barack Obama is saying that Congress only has to compromise a little in order to keep massive federal budget cuts from going into effect.

The president told a meeting of the nation's governors that the time has come for elected officials in Washington to put politics aside and "do some governing".

With more than $80 billion in automatic federal spending cuts scheduled to start on Friday, the president argued the uncertainty is already having an impact.

The president said it is another example of Washington creating a manufactured crisis.

The state-by-state sequestration reports read about the same for Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Dramatic cuts to programs affecting children and schools, military, environmental programs, law enforcement, child care, public health, and other broad programs.

"These cuts do not have to happen. Congress can turn them off with just a little bit of compromise," said President Barack Obama.

Republicans said the administration has more flexibility when making the cuts than the president is letting on. They say the state-by-state reports that are being released is a scare tactic.

In Tennessee, residents are being told primary and secondary education will be cut $14.8 million putting around 200 teacher and aide jobs at risk. The reports suggest a $5 million education cut in Mississippi and nearly $6 million in cuts in Arkansas.

Also, 2,590 fewer children will get vaccines in Tennessee. In Mississippi, 1,170 fewer children will receive vaccines and in Arkansas, the number is 1,140.

"We're talking less than 3 percent. We're talking a federal budget that is still growing to grow. Let's be clear only in Washington is that a cut," said Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana.

Mere Scare tactics or not, the president took his sequestration warnings straight to state leadership Monday at the meeting of the National Governor's Association.

For more information about the cuts that could happen for Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas, click the links below:

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