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Closed door meeting held to discuss emissions testing details

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(WMC-TV) - Local, state and federal leaders met behind closed doors Monday to decide if Shelby County residents will pay for vehicle emissions inspections.

There is a good possibility every driver in Shelby County will pay for emissions inspections as soon as July 1.

After a closed door meeting with suburban mayors and representatives from various state, local and federal agencies, Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell and Tennessee Environment and Conservation Commissioner Bob Martineau revealed what could happen if the state or county take over inspections this summer.

"There's a fee usually associated with that. Usually about $10," said Bob Martineau.

The City of Memphis cut funding for inspections. Now, the county and state are forced to decide who will take over.

It means people living in the county, who are not currently required to get inspections, might have to pay up.

"Memphis seems to be trying to get out of some of their responsibilities and pushing it to the county," said Shelby County resident Eric Remsen.

Meanwhile, inspection workers are worried about their jobs. It is unclear if the state will build inspection stations in the county or if auto shops will be licensed to conduct inspections.

No decisions were made Monday.

Over the next four months, everyone involved will meet to review options and make a final decision by the end of June.

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