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Students caught with gun at elementary school

Ross Elementary School Ross Elementary School

(WMC-TV) - Eight elementary school students were issued a juvenile summons after passing a gun around on campus.

The police investigation revealed that a 7-year-old boy brought a gun to Ross Elementary School to show to his friends Tuesday. The gun was passed around among eight students.

A 10-year-old boy was in possession of the gun at the time of his arrest.

There were no injuries.

Parents were shocked and scared when they found out a student brought a gun to school Tuesday for show and tell.

DaSchunna Mallory is one of many parents shocked at what was going on inside her daughter's school.  Just before noon Wednesday, Memphis Police recovered a loaded gun from a 10-year-old student at Ross Elementary School. Mallory says the school never notified her. 

"I'm very distraught that I had to find out through Facebook," Mallory said. "I found out through, actually you were the first alert."

Memphis police said the gun was brought to the school on Tuesday by a 7-year-old who had passed it around to seven other kids. School officials were alerted when the loaded weapon was back at school Wednesday.

"And it's very disturbing to find out that it was a loaded gun and it was passed around," Mallory added.

Ross Elementary School Principal Evette Smith sent a letter home to parents Wednesday.

Here is an excerpt of that letter:

"We discovered that a student brought a firearm to school. Please be assured that school administrators located it very quickly, and that no students were injured. The Memphis Police Department was immediately dispatched. School administrators and Memphis Police Department will strictly discipline in accordance with the law and MCS board policy."

Read the full letter, click here:

"I know they have policies and procedures," Mallory said. "But something more needs to be done to actually inform us."

Mallory shudders to think what might have happened to her 9-year-old daughter or any other student if that loaded gun had gone off.

"We need to start letting people know when something like this happens because someone could have easily got shot," she said.

The school district is reminding parents to help by checking their child's belongings and backpacks every day to make sure they do not bring something dangerous to school.

And parents, remember to safely store your weapons and get a gun lock. If you do not have one, you can get one at any of the Memphis Police Department's nine precincts for free.

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