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Teachers, administrators brainstorm merger evaluation process

(WMC-TV) - Many things are still up in the air when it comes to the Unified School District. Still, those tasked with executing the merger are busy behind the scenes making your child's teacher has everything needed to be successful.

The merging process has meant a lot of coordination for teachers and administrators from both Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools. They are working to streamline many processes, including how teachers are evaluated on their work.

Currently the two districts have different evaluation methods.

"Anytime you are doing anything like an evaluation, everyone has their own mind about how it should be done," said Rebekah Sanders, Arlington High School.

So, the Unified School Board put together a work group of teachers and administrators from both sides.

"It's just looking at both parts and seeing which will be most effective in identifying teacher strengths for both districts combined," said Allyson Chick, Richland Elementary School.

A lot of the discussion had to do with wording which might sound trivial but not when your job is on the line.

"They want to do the best and be the best and when you talk about an evaluation system they want to say how can I get the highest score," said Sanders.

Serving on the work group took a lot of personal time for Sanders and Chick. Both say they are glad to do it because they feel they are serving as advocates for their profession.

"We are on the front lines and any initiative that is put in place we are the ones responsible for executing it," explained Chick.

The group has been meeting since October. MCS and SCS schools are piloting the plan through March. They will meet again once the pilot evaluation period is finished this spring.

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