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Whistle blower warns passengers of airport luggage thieves

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(WMC-TV) - If you fly out of Memphis International Airport, chances are you fly through or land in Atlanta.

An Atlanta airport employee now has a warning to passengers who could find their luggage missing when they land.

Losing your luggage can be a vacation disaster.

Now imagine, your luggage made it all the way to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and even went for a spin along the luggage carousel, only to be picked up by thieves who target luggage.

It turns out that is happening in Atlanta every week.

An employee at ATL says he watched the scenario play out long enough. He took his concerns to Atlanta's CBS news station.

He is speaking out as a whistle blower so that you know where your luggage could be when it is not there waiting for you.

The informant says the thieves are professional. Some wear suits and ties to fit in with the people standing around the airport. Others put fake bag tags on the luggage they take from the carousel.

The news station obtained lost baggage complaint documents going from March to December 2012.

A majority of them were from one carousel specifically, the South Terminal Baggage Claim serviced by Delta.

The informant says it is because that conveyer is not being watched closely enough. He thinks the airport or the airlines need to get serious about what he considers a huge problem for fliers.

Delta Airlines released a comment saying the company takes all reports of theft seriously.  The airline says it works with the City of Atlanta and the police department to prevent thefts.

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