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Guns in parking lots debate continues as bill moves on

(WMC-TV) - A gun that sits inside a car in a parking lot and whether it can or cannot be inside of a building became the topic of conversation at the state capitol Friday. 

"I think the bill could've used a little bit more work," said Tennessee Representative Antonio Parkinson. 

Parkinson is among 22 state representatives to vote against house bill 118.

He said he still has concerns. 

"Any of the high schools. I think it's a dangerous place to have guns in the parking lots there. Cars are broken into there all the time. Their guns get in the hands of the wrong children," said Parkinson. 

Representative Mark White is among 72 state representative to vote for the bill. 

"This has been before us for the last four years. It's been very contentious. We're not going to please everybody on this. It's time to just move on," said White. 

He said there's no need for delay, because lawmakers merely legalized an already common place. 

"I don't think anybody believes it hasn't already been happening. People who ant to put guns in cars already do. People who don't... don't. So let's just stop the debate, move on, and get on to other things," said White.

There's no other option but to move on now that the bill is sitting on Governor Bill Haslam's desk. 

But still opponents said those packing protection shout not expect absolute protection. 

"The law says you can bring a gun on the parking lot. However, it does not protect you from being fired from that employer, if that employer says do not bring guns on the parking lot," said Parkinson.

400,000 people in Tennessee have handgun carry permits, but you still need one to keep the gun in the car. 

The governor has ten days to sign the bill into law.

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