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Student's 'InstaGOD' messages go viral

Shawn McKenzie Shawn McKenzie

(WMC-TV) - There is a new Internet sensation that is sweeping social media and it is not a viral video, but instead, a message hoping to inspire others.

Shawn McKenzie is a criminal justice major at University of Memphis. He one day hopes to work for the secret service, but for now, he is proclaiming the Gospel every day to thousands of strangers and his message is having an impact.

"There is people who are hurting, who are broken in despair," said McKenzie. "Who needs a word. Who are thirsty and hungry."

McKenzie has a message that everyone can read, every day, on the popular social media network called Instagram.

It is called InstaGOD Ministries. Follow him and you will receive daily inspirational messages and photos. It is an idea that he says started one year ago with a call from God.

"I was just in my room and I felt by the spirit of God to create a ministry," he explained.

Now, more than 198,000 followers later, McKenzie's messages are going viral with thousands of likes and shares.

"They read a post of mine, I can't recall which one, but they commented and said, 'I'm so thankful that the Lord has heard my prayer, he has heard my cry. And just know that you save my life because I was about to commit suicide,'" remembered McKenzie.

It was a humbling moment for a man who will not take any credit for his work.

"I give all honor and credit to Jesus Christ. Because this is all his doing, this is all about him. I'm walking in his statue," he said.

All McKenzie hopes is that the message stays true to the Gospel, spreading hope, and love to people every day.

"I use God's word to share truth and life that can set you free," he said.

McKenzie finds daily inspiration through scripture and conversations with people.

If you would like to follow his inspirational message, you can find him on Instagram under the name InstaGOD Ministries.

McKenzie is also planning to launch an app in mid-March. He also has a website. His ultimate goal is to reach 1 million followers.

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