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Lakeland man calls police on himself

(WMC-TV) - A Lakeland man is facing a list of charges after inadvertently calling the police on himself.

Neighbor Corin Pearson saw an odd scene near his Memphis home off Winding Path Drive Sunday morning.

"Wow. I don't know what was going through his mind, but wow," said Pearson. "Looked like something you just don't see everyday."

Police said John Ferrell called 911 to say he was chasing a man he caught leaving Ferrell's paving business in the 9000 block of Macon Road with his vehicle lights off.

The 911 dispatcher told Ferrell not to pursue.

Ferrell chewed out the dispatcher, hung up on her and continued chasing the man until the man ditched the vehicle on Winding Path Drive, according to police.

"I saw two police cars. One was an SUV pulled up behind a vehicle, then I saw another come from this direction," said Pearson.

The police report reveals officers asked Ferrell why he had a white strobe light flashing instead of hazard lights.

Ferrell said he had it on so no one would hit him, although he was on a small residential street and it was around 12:30 a.m.

The officers said Ferrell's eyes were watery and bloodshot, and that he was swaying as he was talking.

"You never know what people are going through, what's going through their head when they're doing stuff," said neighbor Corbin Carter.

Officers then found an unlicensed semi-automatic handgun on Ferrell's floorboard.

They also found several .40 caliber gun magazines and ammunition rounds along with four bottles of vodka in his console.

"It's kind of weird and scary at the same time," said Carter.

Now, the man who made the 911 call faces a list of charges including driving under the influence, possession of a handgun while intoxicated, and refusal to submit to a BAC test.

John Ferrell is out of jail on a $1,000 bond.

He's due in court Monday morning.

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