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Andy's Got Your Back if you sell items online

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(WMC TV) - If you make your living selling stuff online, beware the buyers who are really scammers.

Millie Muentes is an independent salesperson with a beauty company. She received an interesting e-mail from a potential client. The customer wanted to buy $1,000 worth of beauty products.

"The person said they worked for a large company and that they were planning a wedding," Muentes said.

The client e-mailed Muentes credit card information with a name and billing address. Something about the information didn't feel right to her. She contacted postal inspectors to check the address out. 

"It was a freight warehouse, and that freight warehouse had a foreign address where these items were going to be mailed," said U.S. Postal Inspector Blanca Alvarez.

Alvarez determined the credit card information actually came from a stolen credit card number.

No sale this time, Millie Muentes. "I was really disappointed."

Always confirm an online buyer or seller is real by establishing a verifiable physical address. Do not accept "over-payment" by check or money order. The check/money order will be counterfeit, and the buyer will ask you to transfer some of the money back in an attempt to steal legitimate funds from your bank account.

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