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MLGW customer disputes $34 charge for 12 years

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(WMC-TV) - If you have ever had a dispute with a utility company, then you may be able to identify with Kenneth Sigel. Sigel has been in a 12 year standoff with MLGW over a $34 charge.

MLGW says Sigel paid his bills on time every month for the last 12 years. He paid everything except the $34 that has grown into more than $400 due to late fees.

He tells the Memphis City Council and MLGW President Jerry Collins that in 2001 an employee showed up at his new home to turn on his utility services. Ever since, Sigel has refused to pay the $34 "connect fee".

Even the MLGW president admits the customer has paid every bill on time -- everything except the fines associated with the connect fee.

"It's not quite accurately been described on the utility bill," said Sigel. "It's being described as a connect fee when, in fact, it's more like a meter reading fee."

Sigel says he enlisted the help of his councilwoman, Janis Fullilove, when the overdue balance exceeded $400, triggering a cutoff notice.

He says he is willing to pay if MLGW can provide the proper paperwork.

Collins says he will see if there is anything to Sigel's argument, but he would not commit to waiving the charges and fees.

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