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Friend of mayoral candidate’s accused murderer speaks out

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(WMC-TV) – Only on 5, the friend of an accused murderer revealed new details about the night  Marco McMillan, mayoral candidate, was killed.    

For the first time, we're hearing from the other side in this case. Lawrence Reed's friends claim the homosexual mayoral candidate made an unwanted pass, sparking a scuffle before Marco McMillian was found dead, days later.

"I met Lawrence through my husband," said Kamillia Evans. "He worked at Dominos and they just became real good friends and Lawrence became my roommate."

She said that last Monday night, McMillian and Reed were looking for fun after meeting a few weeks earlier.

"Last week he picked up Lawrence, and they were supposed to go to a party in Marks," Evans explained.

Evans' husband is also close with Reed's girlfriend, and she said Reed told his girlfriend McMillian took him to an unfamiliar place that night.

"Marco tried to mess with him sexually, and they got into a scuffle," she said.

Investigators are waiting for a toxicology report to reveal a cause of death. McMillian's family claims the coroner told them McMillian was beaten, dragged, and burned.

A source close to the investigation told Action News 5 that there were burn marks, but they occurred after McMillian's death. The source also said McMillian was never dragged by a vehicle.

Evans can't speak to the investigation, but said Reed wasn't talking like himself around his girlfriend Tuesday morning.

"He told her he was scared and that he was sorry and that he was feeling suicidal," Evans said.

Sometime after Reed and his girlfriend talked, there was the accident that sparked the search for McMillian. Reed was driving McMillian's car. Investigators haven't said if Reed was suicidal, but the driver of the truck Reed hit, Chris Talley said this last week: "All of a sudden, it just turns as hard as it could into my lane and I jerked as hard as I could to the right."

Evans feels Reed was defending himself against McMillian and that's why she's speaking out.

"I know they're feeling upset and I know Marco's family is feeling upset, all I can say is I'm praying for both sides of the family," she said.

McMillian's campaign manager has been issuing statements through the family. We contacted him for a response to this story, but have not heard back.

Reed had his first court appearance, Monday and will return to Mississippi to face the murder charge.

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