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2 men shot, drive to Jiffy Lube

(WMC-TV) – As cars went East and West on busy Poplar Avenue, no one knew two men making their way through traffic had been shot until they pulled into a Jiffy Lube.

Police surrounded the Jiffy Lube at 2911 Poplar after the two men pulled into the parking lot in a white Mustang.

Marion McDonald and her son were shopping just a few doors down when they heard the sirens.

"And all of sudden boom boom boom, right down from the Tillman precinct," said McDonald.  "I've counted 18 squad cars, 18 squad cars, two ambulances one man handcuffed another one on a gurney.  I thinks somebody's been shot." 

McDonald and her son David watched as paramedics transported both shooting victims to The Med.

"Earlier today I was watching one of my crime shows now I come down here and it comes to life," her son said.

The violence is all too real for Brittany Gill.  Police say the two men were shot right outside her door at Park Avenue and Boston Street.

"I was laying in bed and I heard the gun shots and I hopped up," said Gill.  "I think about my children.  I have two children.  I think about them.  You know, one day we'll make it out this hood, but until then we do what we have to do to keep safe and be good," she added.

People at both crime scenes are fed up with gun violence playing out on their streets and spilling over into the businesses they frequent. 

"This gun stuff has got to stop," McDonald stated.

Police say both men were taken to The Med in non-critical condition.  They are still looking into a motive for the shooting.

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