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Murfreesboro teen cut with knife in alleged case of road rage


A high school student is recovering from a knife wound inflicted in what police are calling a case of road rage.

The teen said he accidentally cut off another driver and waved to say he was sorry, but police say the other driver misinterpreted the signal and went after the teen.

"Me and my girlfriend was at Kroger and we were leaving and I accidentally cut dude off. I rolled down my window and waved to him, like, 'My bad. I didn't mean to, sorry,' kind of deal," said victim Eric Yantz.

That apology from Yantz apparently wasn't good enough for 30-year-old Clifford Davis, who allegedly thought the 18-year-old had flipped him off.

"He was cussing and calling me all sorts of names," Yantz said.

But that wasn't the worst of it. Davis then allegedly followed the Oakland High senior into a Subway parking lot, blocked him with his car, jumped out and pulled out a pocket knife.

"I heard the knife flick open and saw it in his hand. He swung it at me. I jumped back and he caught me in the front of my chest," Yantz said.

After the teen was cut, he ran inside the Subway, jumped over the counter and grabbed a wad of paper towels to try and contain the bleeding.

Yantz was cut on the chest and had to receive six stitches.

Davis was later arrested and taken to jail.

"It's something that could turn dangerous if not deadly in a matter of seconds," said Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans.

Police encourage drivers to try to diffuse potential road rage situations before they get out of hand.

"Anytime you are engaged in road rage, it's best to just let it go. Find another way to release that anger. Pull over on the side of the road, even. Let that person who wants to engage in that idiotic behavior go on about their business," Evans said.

Yantz said he never expected this to happen to him.

"It's ridiculous, getting that angry. I can understand telling somebody to be careful, but not stabbing them, trying to kill them because of an accident," Yantz said.

Davis faces aggravated assault charges. He also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a previous charge.

Channel 4 News was unable to reach Davis for comment on this story.

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