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More men are "Pinning"

Nick Borelli on the Pinterest website Nick Borelli on the Pinterest website
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It's the fastest growing social media site. Just to put it in perspective what took Facebook three years, took Pinterest less than a year to gain users, and more men are logging on

"Pinterest" gaining popularity, from recipe's to fashion, jewelry, and crafts. You name it you "pin it," the term used for putting shared online images that are placed on customized themed bulletin like boards. You can think of it as a way of organizing your favorite things into a special category that others can also enjoy and pass along. It's a great tool for brides.  "It's kind of a way for them to maybe live out their fantasy wedding that they can't afford. It's just a fun little tool to have," explains Mary Santez.

But Pinterest isn't just for the gals, it's now getting the attention of some guys.  "Oh, you're on Pinterest, you're a guy, and I say yeah, it actually works for my life just as much as it would work for women for the same reason," says Nick Borelli.

Borelli doesn't mind being called a "Pinterest pro."

He's a comic book collector and says he uses the site to check out the latest comics and artists sketches.  "This way I can follow their process and art that I really like. I'm able to save on boards that I can follow them that way, explains Borelli."

But Borelli says it's not just for personal reasons. He also uses Pinterest for his professional life.

He's a marketing and communications director for "Rock the House" in Oakwood Village.

"The services that we provide being entertainment or lighting we can show what we do or I can show other people what's been done.  It's really a great visual way to communicate a story."

In all Borelli has 5 Pinterest accounts for work and pleasure. It may sound like a little much, but he says it's paid off big time. He's able to put an image on Pinterest with the companies watermarked logo.  So when people see the picture there's no mistaking where they can find it.  "It helps drive business for my company," says Borelli."

So whether you're a guy or girl, the next time you see something that "interest" or "inspires" you, don't just keep it to yourself, you might just want to pass it along on "Pinterest," Borrelli says it's worth giving it a try.

"I think women adopted it earliest but I think as this shakes out men will end up being a big part of it as well," says Borelli.

If "sharing" isn't your thing, another facet of "Pinterest" is what they call "secret boards," things that no one else can see that you don't want to share, like a planning a surprise party or a keeping a special gift under wraps.

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