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'Gallon smashing' prank worries customers, police


The new viral video trend called "gallon smashing" is a big laugh for some pranksters but others see it as nothing more than a crime.

Teenage pranks are quite different these days. When they happen, there's often some pretty solid video evidence, and this one - involving a camera, milk and a grocery store aisle - is no different.

Police in Middle Tennessee are investigating several of the messy milk stunts, and it could soon lead to criminal charges.

The prank involves someone intentionally spilling a gallon jug of milk in an aisle, then falling to the ground.

Four young men spilled six gallons of milk Wednesday at a Kroger in Murfreesboro, and now the store plans to press charges. Altogether, the milk cost just $20, but the vandalism charge that follows sends a message.

Some people might think it's funny, but not anyone we found shopping Thursday.

"There's a lot of elderly people that go in Kroger, and if they go in and on purpose spill something, someone's going to fall. And it could hurt them really bad. It's not a good thing," said Christie Allen, of Murfreesboro.

"That's more work for the people who work there. It's going to cost us more, because they have to replace the milk. And if someone falls, it's not funny. It's just not," said Patricia Bailey, of Murfreesboro.

Police say while there isn't a manhunt to find the teens in these videos, they know the prank is rude, potentially dangerous for bystanders and could lead to copycats.

Murfreesboro police may release the in-store surveillance video from this week's Kroger incident in an attempt to bring this prank to a quick end.

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