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Memphis Fire Department conducts smoke detector blitz

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis Fire Department took advantage of the daylight saving time switch to kick off a massive smoke detector blitz Sunday.

On many Memphis streets firefighters went door to door handing out smoke detectors to residents who needed them.

"We needed it anyway because I mean to go down and get one, I just 'ain't' never," said homeowner Barbara Williams. "[I'm] too lazy to stop by and get one, but I got one now."

Firefighters said the giveaway is aimed at drawing attention to a large number of residents who do not have working smoke detectors.

"More people need them. We do this quite often, and, you know, about 50 percent of the ones we go in don't have working smoke detectors," said Chris Brumley with the MFD. "They might have them up, but they haven't." 

There are still more than enough smoke detectors to give away. The 100 Club of Memphis just donated $3,000 to buy more of the devices.

"It's just good for us to get out, and put them up for people," said Brumley. "It's not going to stop the fires, but it's going to be able to help the people get out of the house and give them warning."

Residents are grateful that Memphis firefighters took the time to hand out the smoke detectors. 

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