Police have tips for keeping your home safe

Memphis Police want you to make a list of your most valuable possessions, and then give it to them.

If you're watching us on a flat screen T-V, police say you should jot down the serial number of your stylish television ASAP.

"It's great if we have serial numbers. We have a property room full of evidence, full of property that people have not recovered or asked for because we don't know who it belongs to," said Lt. Roderick Cunningham of MPD Crime Prevention.

You can get this MPD inventory form from any precinct or download it from the department's website. Police want you to write the serial numbers of your digital camera, TiVo, VCRs, computers---anything a crook might swipe from your home.

"Right now we have a few gangs in the city that are organized and that's all they do is burglarize homes. They're very successful with it because a lot of people don't record their information," Cunningham said.

Police say they'll keep your household inventory confidential on a secure computer server. If you were burglarized, the list could be zapped via email to your insurance company and detectives working the case.

"We can get the investigation started a lot quicker. The pawn shop is required to update information to the police department every 24 to 48 hours. So if these items are taken to the pawn shop, we can cross reference our database and find out who pawned these items," said Cunningham.

Police hope to convince 40 thousand Memphis households to do an inventory this year.

You can find the appropriate forms by clicking here.