'Storytelling piano player' Di Anne Price has died

'Storytelling piano player' Di Anne Price has died

(WMC-TV) - Di Anne Price, a Memphis music treasure, has died.

Band members of Di Anne Price and Her Boyfriends confirm the pianist and vocalist passed away Tuesday night.

She is called the "Storytelling Piano Player" by many. She told Memphis Downtowner Magazine that she would gravitate to songs that told a story.

"I was born, reared, educated, and held hostage here in Memphis — but "hostage" is lovingly said. Everybody wants to leave and go to New York or Los Angeles or Hollywood — they want to become a star. Not me. I've had a few opportunities to leave, but most of the time, I go the night before the job, work the job, and come right back — and be glad to come back," she said.

Friends of the well-known musician say she did have several health problems leading up to her death.

Di Anne Price and Her Boyfriends were booked at Huey's in Memphis for years.

Jay Sheffield, who handled the booking, said the news of her death will leave a hold in many people's hearts.

"There's nobody else around here like her," he said.

Band member Tom Lonardo was at a loss for words. He took to the drums for solitude and a chance to remember her.

Di Anne's heart will live on in the music she recorded and her friends who say they will continue to play it.

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