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Southaven mayor asks for money back from state

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(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis may keep some of the money the state of Mississippi says he owes.

The question being asked by Davis' lawyers: Is a receipt good enough evidence for a city official to ask for reimbursement in Southaven?

Greg Davis' lawyers filed a new motion Wednesday asking for clarification of the rules for reimbursement of Southaven city officials.

Davis' case revolves around the investigation into the mayor's spending habits.

Last year, Davis was ordered to pay back $170,000 to the state.  He paid $9,600 back but his attorneys asked that he get some of that money returned.

In the new motion, attorneys say it will be hard to prove just who spent the money because more than one city employee has the same credit card with the same number.

"There were multiple cards issued, up to seven or eight different people perhaps had them and I think the aldermen, when they reviewed them, couldn't determine whether Mayor Davis used them or someone else used the cards," said Davis' attorney, Mike Heilman.

The new motion says Davis had the authority to request reimbursement for his travel and training, provided adequate documentation for reimbursement  It attempts to prove the mayor's mileage reimbursements were lawful.

The mayor's attorney says based on evidence from last month's trial, the rules are pretty clear when it comes to Southaven's reimbursement policy.

"In deposition, it was established that the law governing whether or not receipts are required is that receipts are not required. That's a recommendation to the state auditor, but there's no requirement there has to be receipts," Heilman continued.

Attorneys are hoping a judge will hear the motion at the end of the month.

Davis' attorneys say if the judge rules in their favor, the mayor's May trial will take less time and a lot of the evidence already gathered will not be necessary.

The state auditor's office says it cannot comment on the latest filing.

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