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Prayer to be allowed in Miss. schools

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(WMC-TV) - The Mississippi governor signed a bill into law Friday that will allow prayers to be said in schools.

Many people have been hoping for a law like this, but one group is threatening to sue over it.

"I think it's gonna make a big difference in our kids' lives," said Mary McGarrity, whose thinks it will also help improve safety in schools and start a conversation. "It's more than a religion. It's a relationship with Christ."

She is not alone.

"I'm really excited that it's come to this state," said Kristan Engelke, who thinks it will help teachers too.

"They can open up and maybe help others that maybe don't know anything about Christ or don't have family members that go to church," she said.

But not everyone agrees with the law.

Leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union are speaking out.

"It's about the school favoring the concept of religion and so that still violates the constitution," said Bear Atwood, ACLU.

Atwood worries that it will only apply to Christian students.

"We'll see how schools react when a Wiccan child wants to say a prayer that's a part of their faith," said Atwood. "I mean, honestly I think that this law will not protect those young people. That they will be very seriously discouraged from engaging in prayer."

Still, many parents are looking forward to their children being able to share their faith in the classroom.

The law takes effect July 1 and will "allow limited public forum" at school events.

The policy includes a disclaimer that school districts themselves do not endorse any specific religion in the process.

The ACLU will likely file a lawsuit in August.

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