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Man found illegally living in home worth $300k

Christopher Chalmers Christopher Chalmers

(WMC-TV) - Another vacant foreclosure was turned into a home by someone who did not have permission to be living inside. This time, the man making himself comfortable does not claim to be a sovereign citizen, nor does he claim to own the deed. But neighbors say he has been squatting in his mother's former home.

The home was originally worth half of a million dollars. It is now on the market for just under $300,000.

Interior photos of the home show a sprawling estate, consisting of four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a pool, and a pool house. There is a contract pending on the 4,000 square foot property.

Sunday, during a final inspection, the new owners of the home called Bartlett police because they found someone living in the house.

Police removed a duffel bag and a sleeping bag. A K9 officer found Christopher Chalmers hiding in a closet in the master bedroom.

Investigators believe he broke into both the pool house and the main residence.

"Our ex-neighbor's son was living next door as a squatter basically and was doing it for about 6 months," said Nick King, who lives next door.

Chalmers was treated for a K9 bite he received during his arrest.

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